About Us

U.R.N.S. – You Are In Us

handAs a way to commemorate love over loss, Micky Roof has created U.R.N.S. Memorial Jewelry, an exquisite collection of memorial jewelry for both men and women. Tasteful, artistic and discrete, U.R.N.S. helps keep your loved one even closer to your heart – giving comfort, assurance and connection in an especially personal way, offering a tangible way to celebrate life and treasured memories.

Each design in the collection features a delicate, yet durable, 18k yellow gold reliquary, which is fairly small – just enough volume to contain a whisper of something meaningful, whether it be a dusting of ashes or lock of hair. Your loved one will always be with you.

U.R.N.S. is designed in Ithaca, NY,
by Micky Roof Designer/Goldsmith.

drapedMore than wearable “artwork”, U.R.N.S. is “heartwork”.

As generations progress, and time goes by, many of the traditional rituals of remembrance have changed. Picking out a casket, choosing a burial site, or even deciding on a marble mantlepiece urn can be difficult – distance plays a large role in those decisions, and now the times are changing. In a more transient world, people want their loved ones with them all the time, or as much as possible. New rituals and unique ceremonies are created every day, in every way.

Timeless, beautiful, unique… memorial jewelry dates back in time to the introduction of jewelry itself. Jewelry celebrates life and marks milestones throughout life, and the same can be said of the souls and spirits that remain with us after a loved one has passed on. By keeping the spirits close to your heart, you have a touchstone of sorts, a physical reminder that there is a soul to celebrate and that true love never dies. Soul mates don’t have to ever be apart from each other. That is why Micky created the U.R.N.S. Collection – it is the true essence of Micky Roof’s memorial jewelry.